““terrific vocals, matched with a groove and well-written songs."”  Indie Music.com

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“Magical,powerful, feelgood stuff! After listening you have that 'I needed that' kinda feeling.”  Sirius XM Radio, inc.

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“The future of Go2 should be bright if they continue to make albums containing the vast array of musical talents like those displayed on Push!”  Jesusfreakhideout

The goal is simple, to lie out life situations and present Godly solutions using the art of a lyricist and vocalist sold out for Christ. Go2 offers the alternative to what has become the norm in music.  This Duo (Lerish (luh-reesh) and Vizun (Vision) combine the art of Hip-Hop with contemporary Pop/R&B to create a diverse sound that has been embraced by fans of all ages and color! Go2 takes their message of encouragement, hope, faith and salvation to the world stage in a very unique yet effective way, creating a new bridge for music, the youth, the church and the streets!



“A Must Play I really enjoyed my interview today with Go2. They are such a blessing. Larry Young, my sound engineer and Host of the Popular radio show "The Larry Young Morning Show" was very excited about them and is going to put them in rotation on his radio show as well."” India Hines (Host - Food For Your Soul radio show)